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School Parking


The parking signs situated outside the main pedestrian gate indicates that there is a 2-minute drop and go rule during drop off and pick up times.  This rule is set by the Council and is in place for the safety of all of the students. The sign means you have a maximum of 2 minutes to drop off or collect your children. Staff car park is for authorised vehicles only and it should not be used by pedestrians.  Please enter the school grounds via the pedestrian gates.

When using a drop-off and pick-up area you:

  • must use the area like a quick moving taxi rank
  • need to move forward in the queue of vehicles to the signed area
  • can get out of your vehicle to quickly help your children get in and out safely (once in the signed area) — however you must not walk away from your vehicle
  • are only allowed 2 minutes in the signed area (if you take any longer you can be fined) — if your children are not ready to get straight into your vehicle at pick-up time, you will need to drive around to enter the area again
  • should only let your children out once you have pulled into the signed area (it is dangerous to let them out while waiting in a queue)
  • should teach your children to look out for your vehicle and to get in quickly when you pull up from the kerbside, not the street side
  • must enter front in (never reverse)

must not enter the driveway opposite to complete a u-turn. Please drive up Plaza Crescent.

Please see the following photo for further instructions


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