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We are here for the students

Humanities /Integrated Studies

Our students work towards acquiring a range of knowledge and skills. Students use a range of investigation strategies and thinking routines to develop understandings and answer their key questions. Our Generative Topics are:

Prep integrated studies

  • All About Us – We all have stories to tell
  • Power of Pets – Living things have basic needs
  • On The Move – Force causes movement
  • Caring Community – My community keeps me safe

Year One integrated studies

  • Clean Up Your Act! (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) – We are responsible for our environment
  • It’s a Small World (mini beasts) – Living things have features that help survival
  • Food,Glorious Food. Flavours of the world – Food impacts on my health and wellbeing
  • Safe and Sound – Rules keep me safe

Year Two integrated studies

  • Weather Alert – Natural events occur in cycles
  • Cold Blooded Curiosities – Living things can be classified based on features
  • Back to the future – The past is communicated through stories and artefacts
  • Growing Pains and Gains –  Change occurs as we grow

Year Three integrated studies

  • Australia’s Geography – What does Australia look like?
  • Australia’s Fauna – What adaptions allow survival?
  • Australia’s Indigenous People – How are Australia’s Indigenous people connected?
  • Australia’s Flora – How are Australia’s Indigenous plants grown and used?

Year Five integrated studies

  • Nature’s Fury – Geography
  • Eureka! – History
  • Passport to the World – Geography
  • Influencing Others – Civics

Year Six integrated studies

  • Science – The Solar System
  • Civics and Citizenship – Democracy and Government
  • Arts and Humanities – The Olympics and World Events
  • Health and Wellbeing – Puberty and Transitions