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We are here for the students


Without community what are we? Here at Kingswood we believe that the development of all children to be a responsible and respectful community member requires consistent role modelling from those adults that most impact their lives. We live in a society where extrinsic forces work against these basic tenets but that does not mean we just give up!
We embrace every opportunity to engage with our community. As one of our 5 core values states “We engage our community”. This is not just rhetoric it can be seen in our actions. Every day of the week our teachers are outside their classrooms at the end of each day to be accessible to parents, we consistently communicate through Compass about what is going on at school, we engage our community at times that suit the working arrangements of our families, we have ‘Meet the Principal’ evenings every term, staff attend working bees to help improve the school.
Our families regularly come to school and work as helpers. This provides the parents an opportunity to see firsthand how education has really changed over the years. Parent helpers work in our SAKG program, parents transport students to events and attend excursions and camps as helpers. Without this community engagement many programs would not be possible. Not to mention children get a real buzz out of seeing their parents helping around the school. It also gives them a sense of pride and teaches them the value of volunteering within your community.