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We are here for the students


Science at Kingswood Primary School is a hands-on experience that encourages students to think critically and question the world around them. We cover science concepts that relate to students’ own daily lives, as well as delving into areas that fascinate, evoke curiosity and inspire.  Students are able to practise simple science skills and use science related tools. Students are taught to conduct a scientific investigation by asking a scientific question, making a prediction then undertaking an investigation to see if their prediction is correct. During this process, students learn to make observations and present their results in a variety of manners.  Underpinning all investigations, students are encouraged to respond to the natural world around them with wonderment and awe.


Engineering concepts, design processes, representing, modelling, and design-based problem-solving are the basis of the Engineering Program. Drawing on the students learning in mathematics, visual art, science and technology, they are encouraged to apply their own ideas and approaches to designing and creating solutions to everyday challenges in the community. The students are presented with a problem at the beginning of each lesson along with a range of materials.  In groups, the students come up with their own solutions based on trial and error approaches, following the Habits of Mind strategies.  This encourages the development of communication and collaboration skills.  Creativity and ingenuity are praised and outcomes are related back to physical laws and engineering concepts.  Unexpected outcomes are celebrated and this is where the deepest learning experiences can take place.


This year grades 3-6 students will be participating in a Digital Technologies program with a rotating timetable of approximately 6 x100 minute sessions per semester. We are pleased to be able to run this program as an important part of the Victorian Curriculum and we have also found our students learn important life skills in the process.

Students will gain a greater appreciation for collaborative learning through digital technologies. They will develop skills in the use of Mac computers, laptops, iPads, Arduinos, Sepheros, LEGO robots and mini drones. They will be exposed to ideas and concepts around coding, programming, robotics, tinkering, touch typing, safe use of devices, cyber safety, videography and photography. As an integral part of the Digital Technologies curriculum, we involve the skills of problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, digital systems, data and information, creating digital solutions, student voice, agency and leadership.

Here at Kingswood we offer a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program for Year 3-6 students. This is a voluntary program and is not a compulsory part of their schooling it is, however, beneficial for the development of a students’ ICT skills.

A weekly Code Club is available to all students from Prep-Year 6. This is held on a Wednesday lunchtime. Students are encouraged to bring their own device if they are part of the BYOD program at Kingswood. This is a session where students can hone in on their coding and robotics skills and learn through play.