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Kiss & Go


We have ‘Kiss and Go’ signage installed out the front of the school over the Term 2 holiday period. To assist with the process, which we have had in place for the past 3 years, it will become very obvious to any person using the 2-minute zone at the front of the school that it is not a place to sit and wait or leave a vehicle to go pick up children from within the school.
The process is not considered new and will be strictly monitored by Kingston Council bylaws officers. We have had a number of parents fined in recent times. For your convenience if you are displaying a valid handicap sign you are entitled to enter the staff car park. For those struggling to get a car park out the front of the school, may I recommend parking in Howard Rd and walking to and from school with your child/ren.
Kiss and Go Zone Process
1. Stay in sequence
Drop off or pick up your child close to the top of the zone, as far forward as possible. This allows vehicles following you to enter the zone in an orderly manner.
2. Curbside Entry and Exit
ALL children must enter and exit a vehicle from the curbside under no circumstances should this be from the driver’s side!
3. Driver duty of care
Observe traffic when entering or leaving the zone. Use your indicator to advise when moving into or out of the zone.
4. Strictly No U-turns
Do not do U-turn in busy school zones. They are dangerous and put children at risk.

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